What is PAKABO?

PAKABO is an interactive wooden gaming system for younger children, designed to strengthen child hand muscles, develop fine motor skills and improve graphomotor skills.

What is included in the PAKABO set?

PAKABO set has:

  1. a wireless wooden controller
  2. a stand to hold your iPad
  3. an ergonomically designed puck
  4. iPad apps
  5. trace games for pen and paper

How PAKABO works?

A child plays a PAKABO app by putting the PAKABO puck into four different holes on the Bluetooth wooden controller. PAKABO facilitates an easy transition to pencil and paper based activities, which continue the character themed play initiated in the App games.

Does PAKABO use only a screen?

PAKABO uses a screen in the DIGITAL mode, but not in the TRADITIONAL mode. Parents can control the screen time by offering to a child an interesting and fun off screen activity, PAKABO trace games.

Who is PAKABO for?

PAKABO is aimed at children aged 3-7 years, to have a funny and interesting toy which would help them strengthen muscles in hands, fingers and thumbs, practise co-ordination and develop hand-eye coordination, which are needed for a child to be able to write, draw and use scissors and aids the growth of the intelligence.

What are the benefits?

PAKABO was designed to be fun, encourage creative play, and at the same time prepare children to be more confident with pen and paper. Research suggest that, even in era of keyboards and touch screens, fine motor skills are needed not only to allow one to be able to write, draw, use scissors and buttoning and but also in aid the growth of intelligence. Fun and educational apps are designed so that a child holds, puts, pushes and moves the puck as many times as it is still fun, to strengthen hand muscles and improve hand-eye coordination. In trace games a child is developing graphomotor skills and experimenting with cursive handwriting.

Who are the founders?

PAKABO was developed by the people, who are passionate to develop games and toys with natural interactive playful experiences, where children learn through imaginative play using their own body and movement where the virtual world meets the physical world through natural materials.

PAKABO founder is Dr. Mitja Kostomaj. He has worked in the area of Physical Interaction design, IoT and has published interactive design for children.

Where is your customer base?

PAKABO was developed for:

  • Parents who believe that fine motor skills and particularly graphomotor skills are important for child emotional, intellectual and educational development
  • Parents who see advantages in techno educational products
  • Parents who like designed objects
  • Educational institutions
  • Everywhere who believe that kids can learn through fun and physical activity.

Can other publishers develop for PAKABO?

Yes, our PAKABO controller uses standard HID Bluetooth keyboard technology. We are happy to work with games companies, publishers and creative individuals around the world on new games and puck characters. Please contact us on creative, technical and game mechanics data for PAKABO gaming system.

Who are your customers?

Graphomotor skills in early learning are global issue. We designed the objects and games neutral, to find a solution for parents and educators all around the world.

Is the product ready for the market and how much does it costs?

We are now planning a Kickstarter campaign. We can provide more info about retail pricing on request.

What else can you do with PAKABO?

The PAKABO stand can be used as an iPad stand and an interior design object.

Why did you decide to use the wood and how safe is the product?

We choose natural material. There is minimal use of plastic in the product. The main body is made of wood which is really smooth to touch, rounded edges and is very safe for children to play with. The materials and designs follow US and EU regulations for materials and design of toy products.

What is innovative about PAKABO?

PAKABO is commercial wooden game controller, which was designed for physical interaction for fine motor skills, cursive writing and graphomotor skills. PAKABO game mechanics mixes digital and traditional paper based activities.

What technology is used in PAKABO?

PAKABO controller is connected to the iPad via Bluetooth. More info on request.

Does PAKABO cater to special needs?

Yes, PAKABO was tested by a special needs specialist from the National Hospital Celje, Slovenija. More info on request.