Physical interaction with real objects

Playful game system to strengthen hand muscles and develop graphomotor skills

Pincer grip

A child pushes and moves the puck in order to strengthen hand muscles and improve hand-eye coordination.


Fun and learning

Entertaining apps keep child busy with funny colourful characters and challenging activities.


Grapho-motor skills

Trace games develop grapho motor skills, while a child practice and experiments with cursive handwriting.


Easy transition to pencil and paper based activities to control the screen time

Controller, stand & puck

Pakabo is a wireless game controller, where a child pushes and pulls an ergonomically designed puck into four coloured holes.

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Apps and games

Fun and educational apps are designed so that a child holds, puts, pushes and moves the puck as many times as it is still fun.

Trace games & activities

Pakabo facilitates an easy transition to pencil and paper based activities, which continue the character themed play initiated in the apps.

Slide in, turn on, play and trace


Natural, smooth and safe


PAKABO Controller is made out of beech, hornbeam and maple.
EU Certificate 13/00650-00665 - coatings for the toys.

The PAKABO puck is made out styrene-butadiene-styrene. 
(1) US (ASTM F963, CPSIA) - (2) EU (EN 71 Part 1-3)

Fun and educational

Robbie the Rocket

Bungee Bungs

PAKABO memory

Toys belong to the living room. Pakabo belongs to all family.

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